• Family Freezer Pack


    1 Steak Pie Frozen

    4 Medium Steak pasties Freezer ready

    500 Grm Homemade sausage

    4x 250Grm Fresh Mince Beef

    4x 250 Grm Fresh Diced Beef

    500 Grm Stir Fry Beef

    12 sl Rind less Bacon

    1kg Fresh Chicken Beast

    2x 220 Grm  Sirloin Steak

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  • 2x6oz Fillet Steaks

    £17.00 £14.00

    2x Fresh locally sourced 21 Dry Aged Filllet steaks rrp £18.00 offer price £16
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  • The Noah Pack


    2 Pork 

    1kg Pork Steaks

    500grm Sausages

    2 Lamb

    500 Grm Dice Lamb

    500 Grm Lamb Chops

    2 beef

    1Kg Sirloin Steak

    1Kg Mince beef

    2 Chicken

    1Kg Chicken breast

    1x 1.3kg Fresh chicken

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  • Steak Sauces


    Delicious Steak Sauces ! 
    20 seconds in the microwave and hey presto there done !!! 😋👍😋

    1 pack will serve 2 people 

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  • The 4X4!


    The 4x4

    4x250 Grm 21 Day Dry Aged Tender And Tasty Rump Steaks

    4x 250 Grm Fresh Mince Lean Beef

    4x 250Grm Tender Diced Chicken Breast

    4x 400Grm Our Own Homemade Sausages

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  • 🐮🐮 1Kg Fresh Rump Steak Plus 1Kg Fresh Lean Mince Beef🐮🐮


    🐮🐮1Kg Fresh Tender Rump Steak Plus 1 Kg Fresh Lean Mince🐮🐮

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  • 🐮🐷1Kg Fresh Tender Rump Steak 1Kg Pork Chops🐷🐮


    🐷🐮1Kg Fresh Tender Rump Steak Plus 1Kg Fresh Pork Chops🐷🐮

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  • 🍔🥩Steak And Burger Special🍔🥩


    12 Tasty 1/4lb Homemade Cornish Beef Burgers

    2x 10oz Succulent Dry Aged Rump Steaks

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  • 🐮The “No Bull” Pack🐮


    Tasty Jam Packed Meat Pack That Contains No 🐮!!

    6 Tender Chicken Breast

    6 Succulent Pork Steaks

    2x8oz Cornish Lamb Steaks

    500g Stir Fry Pork

    500g Lean Chopped Lamb

    1x Whole Fresh 1.3Kg Chicken

    1.1Kg Leg Pork

    500g Fresh Homemade Pork Sausage

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    £82.00 £75.00

    2X8oz Tasty Dry Aged Sirloin Steaks

    2x250g Diced Cornish Beef

    2x8oz Juicy Ribeye Steaks

    2x250g Lean Mince Beef

    2x10oz Succulent Rump Steaks

    6x1/4lb Homemade Beef Burgers

    1.1kg Topside Roasting Joint

    2x250g Stir Fry Beef

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Fantastic local family run business. Caters for all your meat requirements and more with a friendly and helpful service. Make sure you pop in, your sure to find plenty you’ll want to eat!
I personally think you will have to go a long way to beat this butchers for quality & choice & most of all the staff 👍, nothing is to much trouble there to help !!!!!! So treat yourself go McFadden !!!!!!