šŸ„¶The BIG Freezer FilleršŸ„¶

šŸ„¶The BIG Freezer FilleršŸ„¶

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  1. 8x250grm fresh lean mince beef
  2. 12 fresh beef burgers
  3. 4x250grm Tender Cornish ribeye steak
  4. 6 fresh chicken breasts
  5. 4x 250Grm succulent Cornish sirloin steaks
  6. 2x250grm lean diced beef
  7. 2x250grm diced pork
  8. 2x250grm tender stir fry steak
  9. 500grm dry cured tasty bacon

All together over 26 packs of meat!!!!!!!

Plus free local delivery!!!!!!

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