• 4x Fresh 8oz Ribeye Steaks

    £38.27 £34.27

    4 Fresh 8oz Ribeye Steaks.

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  • BBQ PACK SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!



    Pack Contains

    2 Prime Steaks

    4 Beef Burgers

    Minted Lamb Ribs

    2x Flavoured Chicken Breast

    Pack Sausages

    Pack Flavoured Pork Ribs

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  • Belly Pork


    Fresh Belly Pork Slices 350Grm

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  • Boneless Bundle


    • 4x Fresh Chicken Breast
    • 4x8oz Fresh Pork Steaks off our own Farm
    • 2x8oz Fresh Lamb Steaks
    • 2x10 ozRump Steaks
    • 2x Gammon Steaks
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  • Chicken cushion


    Bonned chicken front stuffed with sausage meat tied and wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. will serve 2 /3 at a push
  • Christmas Pasty


    Gorgeous Christmas pasty filled with festive delights including 


    Pigs in blanket 

    Sage and onion stuffing 

    Cranberry jelly




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  • Cornish Beef Brisket Joints


    Fresh cut Beef Brisket Joints ideal for slow cooking.Various sizes available please click "View Details" to Select
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  • Cornish Breakfast Pack


    • 12 slices Dry cured Bacon
    • 8 Rashers Smoked Streaky Bacon
    • 15 Fresh home made Chiplolata Sausages
    • 300grm Home made Hogs Pudding 
    • 6 Cornish Free Range Eggs
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  • Cornish Chuck Steak


    Cornish Chuck Steak 340-360Grm

  • Cornish Holiday Pack


    2 Ltr Cornish Milk

    Pack Cornish Butter

    6 Cornish Eggs

    1x 1.3Kg Fresh Chicken

    4x 250Grm Fresh cornish Mince Beef

    4x 250Grm Diced Chicken breast

    500 Grm Fresh Dry Cured Bacon approx 12-14 Slices

    500 Grm Fresh Sausage Home Made

    4x 250 Grm Fresh Cornish Lean Diced Beef

    1Kg Fresh Chicken Breast

    1 Frozen Home Made Chicken and Bacon Pie

    2 Medium Pasties


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  • Cornish Rib Of Beef


    Boned and rolled Cornish rib of beef minimum 21 day dry aged.Various sizes available please click "View Details" to Select
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  • Cornish Shin Of Beef


    Boneless Shin Of Cornish Beef

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  • Dry Cured Rindless Back Bacon


    Dry Cured Plain Rindless bacon 260-280Grm

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  • Essential Selection


    1kg fresh Mince Beef

    1Kg Fresh Diced Beef

    1Kg Fresh chicken Breast

    500 grm Home made sausage

    2x10oz rumps Locally sourced

    4 Homemade Cornish beefburgers

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  • Family Freezer Pack


    1 Steak Pie Frozen

    4 Medium Steak pasties Freezer ready

    500 Grm Homemade sausage

    4x 250Grm Fresh Mince Beef

    4x 250 Grm Fresh Diced Beef

    500 Grm Stir Fry Beef

    12 sl Rind less Bacon

    1kg Fresh Chicken Beast

    2x 220 Grm  Sirloin Steak

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Fantastic local family run business. Caters for all your meat requirements and more with a friendly and helpful service. Make sure you pop in, your sure to find plenty you’ll want to eat!
I personally think you will have to go a long way to beat this butchers for quality & choice & most of all the staff 👍, nothing is to much trouble there to help !!!!!! So treat yourself go McFadden !!!!!!