Cornish produce

  • Fresh Chicken Thighs


    Fresh Chicken Thighs Approx 500Grm
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  • Fresh Cornish Lean Minced Beef


    Fresh Minced Lean Cornish Beef 390-400Grm 

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  • Fresh Local Braising Steak


    Cornish Braising Steak Sourced Of Local Farms 330-340grm

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  • Gammon Steaks


    Fresh Gammon Steak 360-370Grm

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  • Hand Cut Cornish Pasty Beef


    300-310grms Of Hand Cut Cornish Pasty Beef 

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  • Hickory Smoking Wood Chips


    Hickory Smoking Wood Chips

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  • Isolation Pack

    £87.00 £75.00

    2 Ltr Cornish Milk

    Pack Cornish Butter

    6 Cornish Eggs

    1x 1.3Kg Fresh Chicken

    4x 250Grm Fresh cornish Mince Beef

    4x 250Grm Diced Chicken breast

    500 Grm Fresh Dry Cured Bacon approx 12-14 Slices

    500 Grm Fresh Sausage Home Made

    4x 250 Grm Fresh Cornish Lean Diced Beef

    1Kg Fresh Chicken Breast

    1 Frozen Home Made Chicken and Bacon Pie

    2 Medium Pasties


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  • Jamaican Jerk BBQ


    Jamaican Jerk BBQ Rub Spice

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  • Lamb Breast Rolls


    Boneless Lamb Breast Rolls 350Grm

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  • Lamb Ribs


    Fresh Lamb Ribs 375Grm

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  • Large Party Pack Disposable BBQ


    Large Party Pack Disposable BBQ

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  • Large Pork Sausage


    Our Own Homemade Traditional Butchers Sausage 420-440Grm Packs

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  • large Steak Pasty


    One Of Our Lovely Fresh Made Large Steak pasties
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  • Lean Chopped Pork


    Lean Diced Pork 390-400Grm

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  • Lemon Chilli Garlic Spice Rub


    Lemon Garlic Spice Rub

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Fantastic local family run business. Caters for all your meat requirements and more with a friendly and helpful service. Make sure you pop in, your sure to find plenty you’ll want to eat!
I personally think you will have to go a long way to beat this butchers for quality & choice & most of all the staff 👍, nothing is to much trouble there to help !!!!!! So treat yourself go McFadden !!!!!!