• 1 Kg Fresh Lean Mince Beef


    1Kg Fresh lean Mince Beef Packed in 250grm Packs
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  • 1-1.5Kg Sirloin Joints

    £57.50 £45.00

    Delicious tender sirloin the rolls royce of roasting joints.
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  • 1.6KG Whole Fresh Chicken


    Whole Fresh Chicken 

    1.6Kg £9.90

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  • 12 freezer ready medium pasties

    £49.80 £47.00

    12 medium pasties ready to pop straight into your freezer!

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  • 12x Homemade Beef Burgers

    £13.80 £12.00

    12 Home made Cornish Beef burgers packed in 4's
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  • 1Kg Chipolatas

    £11.27 £10.00

    1kg Fresh pork Chipolatas

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  • 1Kg Diced Lamb


    1Kg Fresh Locally Sourced Lamb
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  • 1Kg Fresh New season CORNISH lamb Chops

    £19.50 £18.50

    1Kg Fresh New Season CORNISH Lamb Chops 

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  • 1Kg Fresh New season CORNISH MINTED lamb Chops

    £21.50 £20.67

    1Kg Fresh New Season CORNISH MINTED Lamb Chops 

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  • 2 X 8oz Sirloin Steaks

    £18.00 £14.00

    2x8oz Fresh Sirloin Steaks
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  • 2 x Fresh Chicken Breast


    2x Fresh Chicken Breast
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  • 2Kg Homemade Fresh Traditional Sausage

    £21.56 £18.50

    2Kg Fresh Sausages made from pork sourced from our own farm in a 100 year old traditional family recipe.
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  • 2litre Cornish semi-skimmed Milk


    2 litre Cornish Semi Skimmed Milk

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  • 2x6oz Fillet Steaks

    £17.00 £14.00

    2x Fresh locally sourced 21 Dry Aged Filllet steaks rrp £15.00 offer price £12
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  • 3.5Kg Fresh Mince Beef

    £40.56 £35.00

    3.5Kg fresh Cornish Mince Beef packed into 250 grm (1/2lb ) Vacum sealed bags
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Fantastic local family run business. Caters for all your meat requirements and more with a friendly and helpful service. Make sure you pop in, your sure to find plenty you’ll want to eat!
I personally think you will have to go a long way to beat this butchers for quality & choice & most of all the staff 👍, nothing is to much trouble there to help !!!!!! So treat yourself go McFadden !!!!!!